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Concealed Nailer (Flooring)



The Porta-Nailer System Is 100% Accurate & 60% Faster Than Traditional Hand Methods. 

The reason more people use the porta-nail nailing system for installing tongue and groove wood flooring is simple. The porta-nailer is the finest most versatile flooring nailer on the market today.

The 402 porta-nailer comes ready to angle nail 5/8″, 3/4″ and 33/32″ thick tongue and groove flooring.

The nailer will also nail 3/8″ – 9/16″. thick flooring and can be converted for face nailing by simply interchanging shoes that are offered as accessories. We also offer a kit (406) which contains the porta-nailer and face nailing shoe.

The porta-nailer also guarantees every nail to be properly seated. The exclusive “ratcheting ram” insures that the ram does not return until the nail is properly seated. Using the mallet, hit the ram until it returns. Whether this is accomplished with one or multiple blows the results are the same every time. Also a great feature when working in tight quarters!

The porta-nailer comes with “non-marring” shoe bases and a special rubber mallet cap to prevent marking the beautiful wood surfaces!

Unique flat nails with wide head design to give greater impact and holding power. • approx. Coverage – 1,000 nails per 200 sq ft of standard 2 ½” strip flooring.

32mm, 38mm & 50mm nails available to support your hire.