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Diamond Drill 110/240v (for Brick) Milwaukee DD2-160



Diamond Drill 110v or 240v (for Brick) use with Dry Diamond Core Drills. Larger more powerful Dry Diamond Drill where extra power is required. For core drills up to 152mm diameter.

Powerful robust motor delivers constant high torque
Dual protection from the interlinked mechanical and electronic clutches to protect both user and tool
Robust construction with metal gearbox
Safe handling from the long AVS side handle and “D- shaped” back handle
2-speed gear box
Available in both 110V and 240V versions
Soft hammer action – when activated allows the core bit to cut faster and easier
Soft start via accelerator switch for precision and controlled drilling
FIXTECâ„¢ Cleanline rotor (additional accessory) the best solution for dust extraction
4 m cable