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Dry Zone Dpc Cartridge 600Ml



Dry Zone Dpc Cartridge 600Ml
application with Dry Zone Gun.

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Dryzone – Building & Refurbishment
dryzone Is a Revolutionary New Material for the Control of Rising Damp. Dryzone Comes in the Form of a Water-Repellent Cream Packed in a 600Ml Foil Cartridge to Minimise Environmental Impact. the Dryzone Cream Is Introduced By Means of a Simple Applicator Gun Into a Series of Holes Drilled Into the Mortar Course. Dryzone Is Water-Based and Contains No Hydro-Carbon Solvents.
for Forming a Damp Proof Course in Existing Walls. Does Not Require an Electric Dpc Pump – Can Be Used in Situations Where Power Is Not Available.
3 Cartridges Per 10 Metre of 9″ Wall