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Excavator 3.2t ZTS Diesel – JCB 8030



Excavator 3.2t ZTS Diesel. Zero Tail Swing makes for safer use in a confined space.

Once again we have invested in genuine 3t Excavators. The JCB 8030 weighs 3.2t with an impressive dig depth of 3.119 mtrs. In general, hire companies buy 2.7t Excavators and list them as 3t machines and charge similar rates to those we offer. We believe it is worth investing that little bit more for the benefit of our customers.

The zero tail swing feature means that there is no rear overhang when slewing the body of the excavator. It allows the operator to work on sites where space is restricted or up close to buildings without fear of damage.


JCB write that, “The JCB 8030 ZTS mid-sized mini excavator is a true zero tailswing machine offering everything that a conventional tailswing does, with a larger undercarriage than the 8025.

The 8030 ZTS weighs 3217 kg, and a powerful 1.5 litre Perkins 3-cylinder 20.9 kW engine is mounted to a stable undercarriage that’s carefully matched to the dig envelope for optimum performance and added safety. The undercarriage and dozer blade on this JCB mini digger are designed to ensure that debris doesn’t build up in front of the machine to slow you down.

A two-speed tracking motor provides a top tracking speed of 4.3kph as well as excellent tractive effort and traction. The 8030 ZTS compact excavator also has single-acting auxiliary pipework as standard; additional tie down points make it easier to strap the machine onto trailers; and rubber tracks are offered as standard.

For additional security the machine is equipped with Keycode ignition and to ease bucket changes-

Harford-Wedgelock Quick-hitches are fitted

Quick Specifications:

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