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Floor Sander 240v 200mm (8″) Kunzle & Tasin (Bona)



Kunzle & Tasin Scorpion Floor Sander

The latest addition to our professional floor sander range.

‘Expansion drum sanding machine designed for professional or DIY use. A unique ‘dead man’ handle device ensures safe operation.’


• Compact design
• Stepless pressure adjustment
• Easy fitting and changing of paper
• Weighs just 45 kg

The new sander adds to our range of simple to use floor sanders offering incredible results even for the novice user. The sander utilises continuous cloth backed ‘easy fit’ sanding sleeves. The sander is balanced and utilises a drum lowering lever – putting the user in control.

We stock Morrells Induro Floor Finish Products and Joint Filler

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