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Laser level – Self Levelling Rotary



The Leica Rugby 640 is a multipurpose self-levelling vertical, horizontal, manual and 90° slope in dual axis construction laser level. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

Whatever levelling and or aligning application needs to be undertaken, the Leica Rugby 640 will perform. Tailored to both interior and exterior applications, the Leica Rugby 640 provides a bright, sharp beam combined with advanced interior functionality and the option of a remote control to increase your capabilities.
Developed as part the Leica Rugby 600 series, The Leica Rugby 640 is protected to IP67 dust and water protected and has a glass cage for industry leading protection. The tough housing protects the instrument and incorporates over molded rubber handles for increased grip to provide ultimate protection.
The new Scan 90 feature makes layouts quicker allowing the beam to move to the left or right. It also has an automatic plumb down function and sleep mode which conserves power without losing any setup information.
The Leica Rugby 640 offers a greater working range, with up to 600m operating diameter with the Rod Eye 140 / 160.
 Setting-up the Leica Rugby 640 is very simple; the instrument will automatically turn on with the self-level activated. However, when required, a manual slope in dual axis can be setup.
The H.I. or Elevation Alert function monitors the levelling of the laser beam. Any significant disturbance or movement will cause the alert function to activate. The Leica Rugby 640 will stop operation and will sound an alarm to prevent possible errors.
During normal operation, the Leica Rugby 640 continuously self-levels. Small vibrations and disturbances may cause an out of level condition. The head will stop momentarily and the emission LED will blink until the unit re-levels and work can resume.
Enhance the Leica Laser Rugby 640 with additional accessories. When in the field and limited power supplies are available, utilise the environmentally friendly A170 Solar Panel, power from a vehicle with a car charger or any battery with the 12v battery cable.