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Magnetic Drill Cordless 35mm Capacity



Cordless universal magnetic core drill for up to 35 mm

Small and powerful single-speed cordless universal magnetic core drill with forward/reverse running, MT2 tool mounting, permanent magnet and maximum functionality for mobile working on the construction site.


Motor brushless

Speed, full load 130 – 520 rpm

Tool Holder MT 2

Carbide core drill bit max. 35mm

HSS core drill max. 35mm

Core drill, drilling depth max. 50mm

Twist drill max. 18mm 

Countersinking max. 31mm

Reaming max. 18mm

Core drill holder 3/4 in Weldon

Changing the core bit tool-free

Stroke 135 mm

Total stroke range 260mm

Magnetic holding power 9,000N

Magnetic foot dimensions 195 x 70 mm

Weight without storage battery 12.10 kg

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