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Masonry, Stone & Marble Saw 350mm (14″) 240V



**********New For November 2022**********

Masonary, Stone & Marble Saw 350mm (14″) 240V IMER C350i

A High power saw for cutting marble, bricks and stone.

It is designed both for building sites and for the installer.

It allows installer to cut tiles up to 1200 mm length with plunge cutting.

The C350i Power can be also used in building sites to cut blocks up to 250 mm height with two passes.

The tilting cutting head allows for high speed in performing special cuts (45° bevel cut in only 5 min. – no optional cutting accessories are required).

The saw can be lowered as the legs fold underneath and can be transported in a van.

Blade Diameter 350mm Bore Size 25mm
Max. Cutting Length with (w/out) plunging 1200 (1050) mm
Max. Cutting Depth, 1/2 Runs 120 (250) mm
Cutting Surface Dimensions 1390 x 696 mm
Work Table Height 785 mm

Specification Sheet

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