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Shredder (Garden) Pet 60mm Cap




The ELIET MAJOR 4S is an appreciated tool by both the demanding private garden lover and the professional. This chipper is compact and light, which allows it to access the wood even when having to go through the smallest of rear gates. The wide feed-in opening offers great comfort when introducing tick branches with lots of twigs attached measuring up to 60mm.

No more sorting your garden waste!
As every keen gardener knows, gardening produces a wide variety of green waste,
such as hedge cuttings, blossoms and leaves and other humid garden waste. With
an Eliet shredder you can process all kinds of green waste in one go – so not
only the branches and twigs. That means you don’t have to sort the waste first.
Our patented ELIET technology offers a spacious multi-bladed shredder chamber
that eagerly pulls in even the most irregular types of green waste through a
single, wide central FEED HOPPER. With the machine easily working its way
through the waste, shredding becomes a primrose path.

Leaves and humid green waste are no longer a problem
Especially in the spring and autumn there will be lots of green waste to be
processed. The abundance of wet material may risk clogging up your shredder.
The latest ELIET 4S shredders are equipped with a Turbo Discharge™ system: a
suction turbine creating a kind of vacuum effect that sucks the green waste
into the shredder and then blows the shreds out through a rotating blow CHUTE.
The permanent air flow of the turbo generator constantly cleans the system, so
that clogging is virtually impossible.

The result: easily composting clippings
The cutting process, which follows the Chopping Principle, fiercely
bruises and frays the cuttings. The resulting ELIET BioTech chips have a favourable
fibre structure that breaks down faster. BioTech chips thus either can
contribute to improving your composting system or be used as filling material
for your garden borders.

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