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Tile Cutter 110V Overhead 785mm (31″) Capacity



Tile cutter 110v overhead.
Excellent cutting length (785 mm)
ø 250 mm diamond blade for ceramic tiles and stand

High cutting capacity
The diamond blade (suitable for all types of materials) is driven lengthwise by a mechanism comprised of an aluminium cutting unit that glides along an aluminium beam. During cutting operations, the blade can be placed vertically (90°) with respect to the cutting surface or tilted between 90° and 45°. Depth adjustment is maintained in any position. The maximum cutting length of 785 mm allows diagonal cutting of a tile with 500 mm side.
Cutting without chipping
The blade plunges from above, thus reducing drastically, if not eliminating chipping on the cutting surface.
90° vertical cutting
The blade support mechanism allows the vertical positioning of the blade so that the maximum cutting depth of 105 mm can be obtained by two cutting passes. With the blade placed vertically (90°), a cutting depth of 66 mm is obtained in one single cutting passage.
45° cutting
Tilting the cutting head at 45° takes less than 10 seconds without optional tools/accessories.
Direct transmission
The blade is driven directly by the motor.
Water pump
Continuous water flow to the blade takes place through an electric pump and can be adjusted through the valve, ensuring blade cooling and optimising cutting operations. The water pump can be easily inspected.
Adjustable fences
Stand dimensions
Length/width/height: mm 1060/545/750. Weight: kg 8,8, bracket for cutting surface: kg 0,7