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Dryzone Gun Dpc



Damproof Injection Gun For Use With Dryzone Injection Cream
Dryzone Cream Available For Sale 
  • Dryzone is a revolutionary new material for the control of rising damp.
  • Dryzone comes in the form of a water-repellent cream packed in a 600ml foil cartridge to minimise environmental impact. The Dryzone cream is introduced by means of a simple applicator gun into a series of holes drilled into the mortar course. Dryzone is water-based and contains no hydro-carbon solvents.
  • Specification:
  • Uses
  • For forming a damp proof course in existing walls. Does not require an electric DPC pump – can be used in situations where power is not available. 
  • Coverage:
  • 3 cartridges per 10 metre of 9” wall 
  • Dpc Cream Applicator. dryzone Dpc Cream Available

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